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Empowering Medical Families to Thrive

What is ResAux?

The Residents Auxiliary’s (ResAux’s) purpose is to support our residents, fellows, attendings, spouses, significant others and families throughout working in Danville, PA and beyond. Our group is designed to assist in the relocation process, provide socialization, and give back to the community.

Our Mission

The ResAux’s mission is to support our residents, fellows, attendings, spouses, significant others and their families. We strive to provide that support while transitioning to the area, during your journey through residency/fellowship, and post training for those who stay. ResAux was created by the spouses of physicians in training to provide social events for singles, couples and families; real estate services; and opportunities to connect to our local community. We know that the years spent in medical training can be overwhelming and we aim to be here to provide that sense of community and connection. It is our hope that ResAux will become a foundation for you during your time here.

Inclusivity at ResAux: No Membership Fees Required

Inclusivity: You can be a part of our community without any financial barriers. We are open to all, fostering an atmosphere where everyone’s contributions and perspectives are valued.

Community-Building: We focus on building a close-knit community that supports one another through the challenges and joys of life. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build
meaningful relationships.

Access to Resources: As a member of ResAux, you’ll have access to various resources, support networks, and community events that can enhance your experience in the area.

Shared Experiences:ResAux organizes a wide range of events and activities to help you connect with others in the community. Whether it’s family-friendly outings or gatherings for residents, fellows, and attendings, there’s something for everyone.

Support: We’re here for you during every step of your journey in the area. Whether you’re seeking guidance on local services, looking for recommendations, or simply want to socialize, ResAux is your community.